FIGHTERS, ROGUES, RANGERS, and WARLORDS are pretty obvious. These classes make up many social roles and classes – a rich Warlords may be former General of a Pale Noble Houses forces. The rising tide of monsters and the failing ecology leaves much need for people of skill.


WARLOCKS are pretty common, especially Infernal, as the land is tainted and such. Dark Pact and Sorcerer-King Pact, but no Vestige Pact. The Sorcerer-King Pact is referred to as “The Pale Pact” and may be powered by an oath to the city itself.

WIZARDS are less common than SORCERERS in the current era, but exist – the Grey Order in Pale trains war wizards, and a few schools of Wizardy exist in the Eastern Peaks.

The Pale Brotherhood once contained an order of SWORDMAGES, but a significant number were banished a few years ago by a slighted noble family. There are also dervish cults in the Western Expanse.

A few BARDS find a patron in Pale, but mostly they travel, living from Gig to Gig.


BARBARIANS, SHAMAN, DRUIDS, and WARDENS are often the leaders of those remaining groups who live in the plains, fighting off the encroaching desert and the invading monsters. These wandering tribes often pass by Beyond and take odd jobs or seek specific information.


On the Western Shore, a few Monasteries remain, training MONKS, PSIONS, and BATTLEMINDS.


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