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When the ancient oaths were broken, the Tainted Lords reign ended in hellfire and vitriol. With a last, great Chorus, the world was scourged, and all empires ended. The land that’s left is tainted – able to support life, after a fashion, but twisted and hostile… In the north lies the last great holdout of the elder civilizations, The Pale City. Inside the great gates, the relics of the past secure a luxurious life for those lucky enough to be citizens.

You are not citizens.

The remnants of those who lived in the wastes, the mountains, the plains, those who are left huddle below the Wall, counting on the Pale Legion to hold off the mutant horrors, beasts, and raiders.

Mighty Thewed Barbarians, sinister warlocks, and the desperate, the poor, the unlucky, and the exiled, clustered in a city called Beyond, outside the Trade Gate. Once a week, farmers and tradesmen gather to do business with the Pale, fearful under the eyes of Golems and the Pale Brotherhood of Executors.

Only the strong and brave can go past Beyond into the wastes, to find the relics of a fallen empire and the chance of a new tomorrow.

Campaign Notes:

Beyond is the ‘Home City’, not Pale – Pale is a late-paragon/epic, analogous to the planes in many ways.

Home Page

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